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Beach hut window

As a complete contrast to my previous post this beach hut window, which we completed about a month ago, has a very contemporary feel. These front door panels are in a modern house in Uxbridge where the client has a bit of a ‘watery’ theme running throughout the home. They were very pleased with the bright colours and seaside theme of these windows. I was pleased that they complemented their house so well and it was nice to use some interesting streaky glass to add to the contemporary feel.

Edwardian windows renovation

These are some beautiful Edwardian windows we renovated for a couple in Weybridge. Some of the panels we stripped down and re-built, others needed a couple of on-site repairs and strengthening bars added and some just a re-cement and polish. Here, Michael is just adding the finishing touches to the installation.

Although these windows are completely colourless the different textures are very effective as they catch the light and have a lovely depth to them.